Before my coaching call with Yasemin, I felt really drawn to her energy and her mission but I could not have prepared myself for what I actually felt as soon as we got on our call. WOW! I am rarely speechless but she was even more than I could’ve imagined. The perfect blend of power and understanding, skill and compassion, love and truth all mixed into one beautiful soul. I felt supported and stetted as we dove into an exploration of where I am and where I want to be. Yasemin had both small practical tips as well as bigger vision observations about all of the things we discussed and I felt so at home telling her things that have been hard to admit to myself. I came away with so much clarity and focus and even some easy strategies to start implementing right away. I look forward to working with Yasemin at an even deeper level in the future because if we could do all of that in just an hour, I cannot fathom what a full program with her would be like! Thank you so much Yasemin! You are a star!

Shari Teigman

Soul Explorer and Life Coach at Shari Teigman

As a newly single mom of two young children who left the 9-5 to launch a business, I needed coaching to clarify my direction and help me get out of my own way. Earning money and building an audience were essential. I craved a simple process to follow that would mesh with my work from home lifestyle and allow me to parent my girls in a way that didn’t short change them. In no time, Yasemin was able to grasp what I stand for, my current vision, and my larger mission.

She zeroed in on my roadblocks, mainly fear around money as well as organization and time management, and provided solid strategies to address each issue. I began implementing her suggestions and I’m pleased with how much I’ve accomplished in such a short period. I am grateful to her for helping me and for making it all seem so effortless. On top of being a superb coach who is totally professional, Yasemin has amazing energy and exudes the right amount of peace combined with “can do”. 

Stephani Roberts

Relationship Strategist at Audacious Life

On our first session together, Yasemin helped me tremendously. In an exercise for understanding desired feelings and emotions, I was able to connect with my true purpose as an entrepreneur. Now, with a deeper understanding of those feelings, when prospective clients approach me, I’m able to tell right away if their project meets that criteria. This allows me to serve and do business on a higher level.

Amanda Bond

Owner of Vertego Social

Where do I begin? First of all, I will say Yasemin is an awesome person. If you ever have the privilege to be coached by her, you will want to be around her all the time. She helped me answer all of the tough questions that had me stuck not launching my new online program. She is so warm and understanding and she understood my pain. She wasn’t pushy yet she provided the encouragement, motivation and strategies to move me forward. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to skyrocket their business! Yasemin ROCKS!

Tameka Anderson

Founder of Create It Kids Club

I really enjoyed my coaching with Yasemin. All the strategies she taught be are really beneficial and practical. I am a Master’s student and a lot of what she taught me about High Performance resonated with me as a graduate student. It helped me stay balanced, manage my focus, increase my productivity, stay energized throughout the day, and get clear about my long-tern goals. If you are interested in taking any area of your life to the next level in a balanced and holistic way, I would highly recommend working with Yasemin.

Enosh Kazem

Graduate Student at Purdue University

Yasemin Inal is a high-performance coach whose strategies and approach is rooted in helping you thrive as a whole person, helping you create the ever-elusive balance you need to thrive in all areas of your life. She is knowledgeable and easy to talk to and helps you create daily habits and rituals that become powerful change agents. Following a session with her, you find yourself thinking differently which leads to making better decisions to help you reach new heights. Yasemin is proof that her coaching works; she has created incredible strides in her business and life and shares powerful strategies to help you reach your goals.”

Prema Srinivasan

Founder of Riche Niche Biz Coaching

It was truly a pleasure to be coached by Yasemin. She has so much enthusiasm and excitement and she knows how to get you excited about your business. She helped me figure out how to position myself, how to market my products and services, and basically how to get my business up and running. There were so many things that I didn’t know or were confused about especially when it came to the technical side of running a business online. She made all of that seem easy and doable. A huge accomplishment in our coaching was figuring out my ideal clients which I was really confused about up until that point.

Saadia Z. Yunus

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist at Saadia Z. Yunus

I met Yasemin at a seminar earlier this year and we instantly connected because she is clear, confident and focused in her delivery and gets her points across. She is super energetic and enthusiastic. So, I thought I could use some of this energy in helping me move forward in my business. As someone who received coaching from her, all I can do is highly recommend her. She has a lot of integrity, years of experience in teaching, training and coaching and a huge gift in helping people get their lives together and their businesses off the ground.

Margaret D. Ziedin

I was honored to receive High Performance Coaching from Yasemin. She is AMAZING! I want to thank you, Yasemin, for helping me in the areas that I really needed help in: getting focused, becoming more productive and eliminating distractions. I am implementing the high performance habits into my daily practice. I am excited to get my book done very soon as a result of these strategies. I love the way that you coach. It’s fabulous and it’s from the heart. You are not pushy but rather give enough nudges to help people rise up to their highest potential. You are helping so many people become their best. Thank you.

Sandy Weiner

Relationship Coach at Last First Date

Working with Yasemin on my business helped me get so much clearer on my objectives, and the path to accomplish them. She was able to dig into the confusion in my head and business, and extract precious nuggets of wisdom and success. I am implementing her advice and ideas and can already see a significant difference in my business and revenues.

Solange Lopes

Copywriter and Founder of Coffee Words and Biz

James Tew

Margaret Ziedin

Romeo Salvador

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