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Your dream life and business are closer than you think.

Imagine becoming the best, most productive, most  successful  version of yourself? Imagine finally reaching, not just the next level, but your highest level?

Here’s your opportunity….

I’m Yasemin, Certified High Performance Coach (one of only 300 in the world), and Business Strategist to the Driven, Passionate and Heart-Centered Entrepreneur. And I believe you and I can unlock your true and highest potential with the latest high performance strategies …

And that’s why I created the High Performance Group Coaching to help YOU go from “Good” to “Great” in only 3 months!

What is this about?

It’s a three-month live group coaching program I created to push big dreamers like you, to join the ranks of the highest performers in the world.

Maybe you feel like there is MORE to life, but somehow you can’t seem to get there. Maybe you know that you’re destined for greatness, but you keep stumbling along the way…

I know how you feel…

I am here because not too long ago, I also wanted MORE. I couldn’t seem to be okay (and I still can’t) with just living a “good enough” life, and never reaching my full potential. And neither should you…

High performance strategies and habits changed my entire life. It gave me back myself, my optimal energy, clarity and productivity.

A life I am so thankful for each and every day.

A life filled with consistent highs, fulfillment galore, and abundance I could have never imagined.

A life that now allows me to make a difference in the lives of others, push them out of their comfort zones, and help them become the best version of themselves.

And now YOU can have the same clarity, energy, courage and influence to get to the top and  stay  there!

It’s not just about your business’ bottom line, or your performance, or even how large your bank account is. It’s about MORE…

If you’re here, chances are you want MORE!


I was honored to receive High Performance Coaching from Yasemin. She is AMAZING! I want to thank you, Yasemin, for helping me in the areas that I really needed help in: getting focused, becoming more productive and eliminating distractions. I am implementing the high performance habits into my daily practice. I am excited to get my book done very soon as a result of these strategies. I love the way that you coach. It’s fabulous and it’s from the heart. You are not pushy but rather give enough nudges to help people rise up to their highest potential. You are helping so many people become their best. Thank you.

Sandy Weiner

Relationship Coach at Last First Date

This coaching program is about YOU, living your most fulfilled, motivated and successful life!

My 3-month High Performance Group Coaching is for you IF:

  • You are not sure how to get to the next level of success, productivity and vibrancy
  • You crave MORE Clarity, Energy, Courage, Productivity and Influence
  • You want to maintain your high performance in the long run
  • You are in a sense a high performer in one or two areas but just cannot seem to transfer that success to other important areas of your life
  • You want to not only have a THRIVING business but an overall THRIVING life with passion, meaning, joy and abundance

In my High Performance Group Coaching, I will teach you the techniques and strategies the most influential high performers use to get, and stay ahead in life and in business!

This program is tailored to YOU and YOUR individual needs, and will specifically help you with:



  • Gain laser-focused clarity on who you are and what you desire
  • Learn to stay true to yourself and always be intentional
  • Master the tools you need to effectively interact with other people



  • Generate high levels of energy on a sustained basis
  • Experience increased physical strength and vibrancy as well as sharp mental stamina
  • Optimize your everyday choices to reach your goals



  • Gain confidence, decisiveness and momentum
  • Learn to express your real thoughts, feelings, needs and ambitions to others
  • Learn to take more risks and show up as the bold and courageous YOU that you’ve been longing for in all your relationships

 Productivity Icon


  • Produce more in less time with the 1-Page Productivity Planner used by some of the most successful millionaires in the world
  • Optimize your time by learning how to use the Block-Time System
  • Build systems to help you maintain your daily results

Influence Icon


  • Develop outstanding people skills
  • Get the admiration, respect and help of those you serve and lead
  • Learn how to become the kind of influencer who teaches others how to think by challenging them and by role modeling the way

It’s time for you to stop settling and ditch “good enough” for “great”. And if you’re reading this, you’re already a few steps ahead of the game!

When you enroll in my High Performance Group Coaching, you are proving that you are:

  • Ready to reach the highest levels of performance and success possible, in your life and business
  • Ready to surround yourself with other visionaries, entrepreneurs and dreamers who have similar goals as you
  • Ready to choose yourself and create the life and business that you’ve always wanted!

This is what you are telling yourself and the world by choosing High Performance in your life! And this is EXACTLY what YOU will achieve just by signing up!

I used to believe in working harder to get results. Now I know having the optimal mindset and high performance tools is really what separates the best from the average performers…

It’s the only thing that stands between you and the extraordinary success YOU are meant to have NOW!

business strategist

And that’s what we will cover during our 3 months of High Performance Coaching together:

Month 1


  • Discover your focus and level of agency
  • Learn and develop the high performance habits you need
  • Gain immediate, behavioral-driven clarity
  • Learn why your intentions matter


  • Learn why your energy matters to your performance
  • Generate more energy throughout your day
  • Develop the confidence and decisiveness you need in your life and business
  • Learn to seize your momentum consistently and effectively.

Month 2


  • Become more effective and productive quickly
  • Master the strategies for healthy and consistent productivity
  • Learn how to build more influence in your career and relationships
  • Master the secrets the most influential people use to achieve High Performance.


  • Develop a free, consciously-directed, and positively engaged mind
  • Understand and apply the principles of mastering your own psychology
  • Re-focus on energy from a whole new angle with new High Performance habits and tools
  • Practice mastering your physiology consistently for optimal results

Month 3


  • Revisit your optimal productivity levels
  • Remove distractions and focus on the power of habits
  • Target all the areas you need to be more persuasive in
  • Craft your own persuasive systems to achieve your objectives


  • Focus on living with purpose
  • Master the art of leading with purpose
  • Review your progress throughout our program
  • Make firm, actionable commitments for change

Think that’s all? Think again…You will also get:

12 1-hour coaching calls with Yours Truly, filled with mind-blowing strategies to elevate your life and business

Unlimited email access to pick my brain for the length of the program

The countless benefits of exchanging value tips with fellow entrepreneurs and visionaries like you

BONUS: Access to my exclusive online course The Dream Blueprint: 7 Steps to Fulfilling Your Dreams In A World of Distractions (Value: Over $497!)

LIMITED BONUS: 1 FREE Ticket to High Performance Academy live event in California (Value: $997)

Are you ready to achieve your highest performance (and maintain it)?

 No one can make this decision for you. Only you can decide.

Only you can make the choice to stop playing small, and start living big.

You can choose to lead an average life, or you can choose to live an amazing life.


Before my coaching call with Yasemin, I felt really drawn to her energy and her mission but I could not have prepared myself for what I actually felt as soon as we got on our call. WOW! I am rarely speechless but she was even more than I could’ve imagined. The perfect blend of power and understanding, skill and compassion, love and truth all mixed into one beautiful soul. I felt supported and stetted as we dove into an exploration of where I am and where I want to be. Yasemin had both small practical tips as well as bigger vision observations about all of the things we discussed and I felt so at home telling her things that have been hard to admit to myself. I came away with so much clarity and focus and even some easy strategies to start implementing right away. I look forward to working with Yasemin at an even deeper level in the future because if we could do all of that in just an hour, I cannot fathom what a full program with her would be like! Thank you so much Yasemin! You are a star!

Shari Teigman

Soul Explorer and Life Coach at Shari Teigman

Yasemin Inal is a high performance coach whose strategies and approach is rooted in helping you thrive as a whole person, helping you create the ever-elusive balance you need to thrive in all areas of your life. She is knowledgeable and easy to talk to and helps you create daily habits and rituals that become powerful change agents. Following a session with her, you find yourself thinking differently which leads to making better decisions to help you reach new heights. Yasemin is proof that her coaching works; she has created incredible strides in her business and life and shares powerful strategies to help you reach your goals.

Prema Srinivasan

Founder of Riche Niche Biz Coaching

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