Alyssa is a busy mom of 4 (yes, F-O-U-R!) little ones, CEO and Executive Creative Director of design company, Felicity + Design Inc. She believes you don’t have to sacrifice style for purpose, and that you deserve a web presence that is uniquely you AND can make the impact you want. Because when you are authentically you (cliche, but true) and you choose elements of your brand because of the way they make YOU feel, THAT is when your brand will be successful.
In this interview, Alyssa and I talk about how:
◦ She got into the entrepreneurial world when she became a stay-at-home mom
◦ Her mindset at certain points created the not-so-thriving moments in her life and business
◦ Her son’s near-death experience amped up her courage
◦ The whole process of branding should not overwhelm you
◦ Paying attention to your feelings as you create your brand is the foundation to your success
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