PollyAnna Brown is the CEO and founder of PK Media, a marketing + PR firm specializing in storytelling and entertainment strategies for business owners, as well as story based copywriting, and the creator of Storytelling Marketing™, a marketing system founded in professional storytelling, community building, and entertainment to create epic brand loyalty + intimate audience relationships for a legendary business that stands the test of time.
In this interview, PollyAnna and I chat about how:
◦ While playing with her legos as a little girl. she realized she wanted to become an entrepreneur and use the money to end world hunger
◦ Her mother empowered her at a young age to solve her financial needs and how she started her cleaning service as a 9-year-old to be able to afford a baby doll that she really wanted
◦ She learned at a young age that she could create whatever she wanted
◦ She transitioned from her acting career to her entrepreneurial journey
◦ We can use our stories to transform our businesses and in turn make a huge impact in the lives of our clients and audience
◦ Brand Story vs Personal Story are both important in your messaging 
You can connect with PollyAnna at: www.https://pollyannabrown.com and you can access her Free mini-course at:www.StoryTellingMarketingFormula.com
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