After growing up all over the world from Japan, Germany, Austria all the way to South Africa, Olivia completed a Bachelors in Business in Boston and started working in financial services in England.
After 3 years of working for someone else, she realized her true passion was inspiring and coaching others to build businesses and lives freely on their terms. Olivia has been running her online coaching business for women entrepreneurs for 2 years and helps women from all over the world.
Olivia is also an international speaker and inspires aspiring business owners to create their own dream lives.
Olivia and I chat about how: 
◦ She felt her corporate job was keeping her stagnant and that she wanted to do more with her gifts to help others maximize their potential
◦ To develop the mindset of a thriving entrepreneur 
◦ Even if you’ve never done any kind of mindset work, you could start it today by focusing on the thoughts that you have
◦ Any decision you’ve ever made makes a huge impact in your life. And your decisions come from all the thoughts that you have 
◦ Mindset work is simply reprogramming al the thoughts that you have accumulated in your head
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