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Episode 17 - Yasemin Inal Episode 17 - Yasemin Inal

Marty Scirratt is a highly successful and experienced entrepreneur, investor, Fortune 500 executive, former minister and a survivor.  

A leader in the field of elite business negotiation and co-creator of the Sync Negotiation Method™ as well as the co-author of Perfect Phrases For Sales Referrals (McGraw Hill Press) Marty is highly regarded as an expert in the area of helping people develop and use the power of confidence.

Marty also created Confidence Dominance–a program that teaches people how to push their fears aside so they can fully pursue their personal and professional objectives.  

He has worked with groups and organizations in over in 20 countries for some of the best known brands including Adidas, American Express, Vodafone, John Deere, Transport for London, National Health Services of the UK, the US Postal Service, as well as service organizations, small businesses, and church groups.

Marty provides rapid results in all his business endeavors.

But it wasn’t always that way.  

20 years ago tragedy struck. Marty’s wife and unborn son died suddenly in a terrible accident. He was in shock, grieving and confused.

Even though people wanted to help, most didn’t know what to say or do, but there were a few. A few people who did something different and knew exactly what to say. Marty labeled these people his peace creators. They allowed him to have moments where he felt normal.
In this interview with Marty, we dive into:
◦ How he began his entrepreneurial journey after 16 years of being in the corporate world
◦ How he founded his negotiation company
◦ How his life came to a screeching halt when he lost his wife and unborn son early on in his life and how he overcame the grief
◦ How neglecting his health at some point in his life caused those not-so-thriving moments
You can connect with Marty at: www.martyscirratt.com

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