Jessica is client attraction strategist and business coach to online entrepreneurs who are ready to go big, make an impact and get paid. She believes in getting results and teaches her clients all they need to know while leaving out all the fluff. She’s been in online marketing for more than 5 years teaching herself WordPress, SEO, social media marketing, sales funnels and more while building multiple niche websites as a hobby.

She comes from a big and very loud Italian family, is a mother of 2 and is married to her high school sweetheart.

Jessica began her entrepreneurial journey while she was working for an entrepreneur. She realized she had so many great ideas of her own and realized that she’s not destined to work for someone else even though she enjoyed her time and gained so much experience while working for her boss.

In this interview, Jessica highlights how:

  • She’s always been coaching and is so passionate about helping people turn their ideas into their passion
  • Having a coach transformed her life and business
  • Hiring help and automating things made her life and business so much more effective
  • Having FUN is one of the key ingredients of a thriving entrepreneur

You can connect with Jessica at:

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