Amanda Bond is known as the Ad Strategist. And she wants you to stop wasting money on FB ads. At least until you have a strategy.

Amanda talks about how she always had the entrepreneurial spirit even though she worked in the corporate world for about 6 years. She had this longing of having her business and once she decided to go all in, she had all the ups and downs that an entrepreneur could experience.

In this Episode, Amanda talks about how:

  • She has started her entrepreneurial journey
  • She knew when to go all in and leave her corporate job behind
  • The process of pulling yourself out of a “not-so thriving” moment is a gradual one
  • Setting boundaries has been the most important thing she has done as she started gaining momentum in her business
  • Serving herself first helps her serve her clients
  • FB Ads can amplify your business. She’s sharing some of her best tips in this episode!

You can connect with Amanda at:

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