Jay Wong is the host of the Inner Changemaker Podcast. He is 26 years old and decided to become an entrepreneur after leaving his high-paying corporate position in Toronto.

Right out of business school, he started working for a company called Strategic Coach and that was the best transition for him into the entrepreneurial world.

During this interview Jay shares how:

  • He transitioned from business school, to working at Strategic Coach and then starting his own business
  • He “followed his bliss” and embraced the idea that “life should be living to the point of tears”
  • He wanted to create content that lit up his soul
  • We shouldn’t discount our own stories because our brands need our stories
  • Personal Brand has 3 components: 1. Level of self-awareness 2. Your WHY 3. Your story (relevant and relatable)
  • His message was the only thing that he had when he first began

You can connect with Jay at http://www.thejaywong.com

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